Update of contract-v2

Improvement progress about migration to contract v2

⚙️ Changed

Register now accept optional addresses.

  • Now someone can buy a ticket for another address as a gift 🎁 or something else.

Register now accept an array of combinations.

  • Now you can buy a lot of combinations in one transaction allowing registration of multiple combinations at one time. This improves UX💻 and lowers fees💰.

Collect now accept optional address

  • Now someone can collect for you so that you receive the rewards (it can be a robot 🤖 or a friend🧍‍♂)

A vote can now be immediately presented if > 50% weight of all stakers voted

DAO now query balance directly on cw20 contract

  • Since the public sale has been removed, contract-v2 can query the balance of the DAO directly on the cw20 LOTA contract in order to approve or reject the proposal

➕ Added

🆕 New payout logic.

  • Now staking contract get more often rewards on every winner at any ranks who collect his rewards. This improvement was required by LOTA holders.

Count total players per lottery id

  • Total number of players for a determined lottery

Count total ticket played per lottery id

  • The total number of tickets played for a determined lottery

Count total winners per rank and lottery id

Query winning combination per lottery id

Query all jackpot per lottery id

Poll survey

  • Holders can now vote for decisions off-chain

🔧 Fixed

  • Executing claim cost fees even if your combination is not a winning combination. Now transaction fails charging 0 fees if no winning combination found.

🗑 Removed

Public sale

👷 In progress

improvements are not yet released and are still open to adding new features, it will be part of the migration of contract v2.