The first Initial Lottery Offering on Terra
This documentation is in beta, it can still be changed

๐ŸงงILO is aimed at those who are or will start their public sale

ILO offers you to create your own lottery with your tokens๐Ÿช™ and it allows you to combine ICO and lottery for more results and visibility.
These lotteries are fully modular to meet your needs

๐Ÿ›  Set your ILO lottery

    Jackpot amount; x tokens you wish to put into play
    Draw date
    Burn option; ๏ผ… of the jackpot
    Ticket price; 1๐Ÿ’ฒ minimum
ILO lottery tickets contain 4 symbols.
    Symbols range from [ 0 - 9 ] & [ a - f ]
All funds generated by your lottery belong to you [Less DAO LoTerra commissions]

If your public sale is already ended, you will soon be able to create your lottery on ๐Ÿถ ScoobyDAOโ€‹

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