The first Initial Lottery Offering on Terra
This documentation is in beta, it can still be changed

🧧ILO is aimed at those who are or will start their public sale

ILO offers you to create your own lottery with your tokens🪙 and it allows you to combine ICO and lottery for more results and visibility.
These lotteries are fully modular to meet your needs

🛠 Set your ILO lottery

  • Jackpot amount; x tokens you wish to put into play
  • Draw date
  • Burn option; of the jackpot
  • Ticket price; 1💲 minimum
ILO lottery tickets contain 4 symbols.
  • Symbols range from [ 0 - 9 ] & [ a - f ]
All funds generated by your lottery belong to you [Less DAO LoTerra commissions]

If your public sale is already ended, you will soon be able to create your lottery on 🐶 ScoobyDAO