Save LUNA is a lottery that is played with $LUNA and allows you to win $UST

Rescue plan

Lottery tickets are purchased with $LUNA tokens:
The surplus of $LUNA is gradually withdrawn from the market and the price of $UST rises thanks to the buyback.
The price of the ticket is scalable in order to guarantee a correct price.


We are not part of the Terra development team in any way. The recent events have affected many people directly or indirectly related to the ecosystem.
LoTerra has always been a project created by LUNAtics for LUNAtics to offer something different within our ecosystem.
We created this lottery to continue to help and show our support.

Gambling involves risks: Debt, isolation, addiction!

  • LoTerra is not responsible for your losses!
  • Only play what you can afford!
  • Playing must strictly remain a hobby, a passion, a source of excitement or relaxation and should not become part of your life or be adopted as a kind of lifestyle
  • Winning numbers are generated and verifiable on the Terra blockchain (Terrand)
Last modified 1yr ago