LOTA is the DAO token of LoTerra, it's a CW-20 contract
Public sale ended
Total supply
Circulating supply
Locked on DAO funds
The team successfully burned 759,067.68529LOTA surplus to only get 15% for more info you can check the tx result

Token info

  • Token type CW20
  • Name loterra
  • Symbol LOTA
  • Decimals 6
  • Max supply 7_000_000
  • Role utility
  • Blockchain Terra
  • Total supply determined after public sale
Circulating supply will be determined after the public sale

Token Addresses

Public sale info

  • 70% token sale is for funding the lottery jackpot
  • 15% to LoTerra team determined after the public sale
  • 15% to DAO 1_050_000
  • Circulating supply will be determined after the public sale
  • All unsold LOTA will be locked indefinitely becoming unusable on the smart contract reducing the total circulating supply
  • Public sale ratio 1:1
  • Public sale pair UST_LOTA
  • Price per LOTA 1UST
  • Hard cap $7_000_000 if all LOTA tokens sold
The team keep 15%1_050_000LOTA if all7_000_000tokens are sold, if not the team will burn the excess to get only a max of 15% of the total supply

Staking info

You can stake your LOTA and get jackpots rewards, unstake have an unbonded period for preventing price manipulation. Staking also gives DAO voting power.
  • Up to 20% of jackpots rewards, fixed to 10% at the start
  • Unstake your LOTA at anytime
  • Unbonding period of 100_000 blocks
  • DAO voting power

Token utility

LOTA is the governance token of the LoTerra ecosystem gaming lottery, token give the power to vote proposals. LOTA holders are owners of the LoTerra ecosystem casino, their job is to ensure the ecosystem is working well, they can control lotteries configurations and get staking rewards for responsibilities and management.

LOTA listing

Token will be available on Dex Terraswap, no info at this time for Cex listing
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