Rapido is a new lottery with fixed winnings, up to $50,000 every 5 minutes

It's easy to take part:
Select 4 numbers and 1 star, note the index of the first 4 numbers is important and that numbers can be selected multiple times.
Then you have to choose your multiplier between 1UST, 2UST or 5UST. This allows you to obtain more or less substantial gains depending on the multiplier.
And finally choose the number of draws you want to play this combination from 1 to 777.

How to use Rapido

The Rapido page shows quite a bit of information. Draws operate in 5-minute rounds. Play your ticket before a round goes live to join in.

Checking the timer

Active phase:

To enter a draw, you'll want to check how long is left in the current round. You'll find the timer on the ACTIVE card in the top right area.
If the timer is too low your ticket may not confirm in time, so check there's still plenty of time left before you play a ticket (30 seconds should be plenty, but give yourself more time if you're following along with this guide)

Resolving phase:

The active card disappears and the draw takes place.

Play a ticket

When you're sure you have enough time, you can place your ticket.

Step 1:

Select 4 numbers from 1 to 16 (same number can be selected several times).

Step 2:

Then tick 1 star from 1 to 8.

Step 3:

Once your combination is complete you must choose your multiplier:
This multiplier influences the potential winnings you can claim.

Step 4:

Then you can choose the number of draws from 1 to 777 draws you want to play with the same combination.

Get all your game

Below you will find a table of your games with the winning combinations and your numbers.
You can also find "Try to resolve all games" for check and claim if there are winnings.
Or you can resolve directly on the "Finished" card if it's still available.

🏆 Winning criteria

The location of the first 4 numbers is important!
  • If a number is wrong it does not cut the series as long as the others are at the correct index
  • Note that the star is individual and therefore has no index
Refer to the paytable to see which combination is associated with which payout

Here’s an example lottery draw, with two tickets, A and B.

Ticket A
Ticket B
This ticket won at rank #8 because the number 4 is at the right index
This ticket has all the right numbers but they are in the wrong place. This ticket is not a winner

💰 Paytable

The winnings are fixed and depend on the multiplier you would have chosen when making your ticket.
You can check the odds here 👉 https://www.lotterypost.com/odds

🛰️ LoTerra Stakers Rewards

$LOTAstakers are rewarded:
  • 5% on each ticket sold