LOTA stakers rewards

LOTA stakers share up to 20% of the jackpot income according to their percentage of LOTA as rewards for their governances position.

Here is the formula of the reward :

holderTotalBonded(holdersTotalRewards/allHoldersTotalBonded)=RewardholderTotalBonded∗(holdersTotalRewards/ allHoldersTotalBonded) = Reward

Example :

Case with a holder of 10000 LOTA bonded rewards of 95040 UST and 7000000 LOTA bonded in total
10000(95040/7000000)=13510000 * (95040 / 7000000) = 135

is less than 1 then there is no reward!

Rewards are accumulated and can be claimed without time limits
If there are no bonded LOTA tokens all rewards go back to the lottery jackpot also if there are only 1 staker bonding LOTA tokens it will win 100% of all rewards


You can unstake at any time your LOTA tokens, have an unbonding period of 100_000 blocks before you can claim unstaked LOTA tokens.
  • Unbonding period of 100_000 blocks
  • Unbonded tokens will not sum for rewards
Unbonded period of 100000 blocks in a way to protect LOTA holders from price manipulation - 100_000 block ≃ 7 days
Unbonded will not sum for rewards, only bonded token sum for rewards